Systeme Io Real Review 2023: Good For Startups? How does it work?

Systeme Io Real Review 2023: Good For Startups? How does it work?

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May 15, 2023 at 3:26 PM

“The World’s Easiest All-In-One Marketing Platform” is how Systeme io introduces itself. But are they really the easiest all-in-one marketing platform, or is this just another hoping statement we see now and then?

In this bottom earth Systeme review, we will discover Systeme features, technical details, pricing, alternatives, answers to common questions, and the, most important, whether they are good for startups.

If you are familiar with Systeme, you can skip the following paragraph.

Before starting the in-depth review, let me introduce Systeme io. System io. It can help with

  • email marketing campaigns
  • Affiliate marketing
  • sales funnels and online courses
  • blogs and websites.

If you have prior experience with such platforms, you can utilize them to automatically capture leads, add rules, trigger emails, and much more. In one line, it’s an all-in-one bundle to scale your online business.

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Quick Overview

Pros and Cons


  • Simple and Fast way to Kick start
  • Free Package
  • Saleable
  • More Features at competitive prices
  • Save a lot of money


  • Fewer Integration options
  • It cannot use for physical products
  • Lacks advance features

Shall I Use It?

If you are a beginner or a fresh startup, then you shall use Systeme io as it is way cheaper and does everything other famous software such as HubSpot and Karta do.

You may also feel that it lacks high-end features, but you might not need those advanced features as a beginner or fresh startup as you might want to cut your cost and don’t want to pay for those features that you may never need.

It is packed with everything you need to start, grow and run your online business without wasting your time and money on different tools and multiple subscriptions.

Try Systeme IO Awesome Features Today

Features First Glance View

Features at first glance:

  • Activity Dashboard
  • ThirdParty Integrations
  • Data Import/Export
  • Mobile Access
  • Real-Time Data
  • Workflow Management
  • Customizable Branding
  • AB Testing
  • Landing Pages/Web Forms
  • Template Management

In Detail Systeme Io Features Review:

From the first glance view, you may have understood by now that System io is trying to put everything a business may need under a single roof which helps the users not to pay for any extra subscription.

Here is an eagle-eye view of each Systeme io feature

Sales Funnels

The sales funnel’s ultimate goal is to move the customers through the funnel to make a purchase and increase revenue.

To achieve it, you need to set up a proper sales funnel for which you need a simple and easy tool, and this is exactly what system io sales funnel builder does. You can do everything using simple templates, which helps you create the complete sales funnel in no time.

Steps to set up a new Funnel:

  1. Click Create Step on the left-hand side
  2. From the menu, select what type of page you want to create
  3. Choose the most suitable template
  4. Add or Edit the content.

That’s all you need to get started. You already might feel how easy it is to create sales full with systeme io.

Marketing Automation

Automation is the future as it reduces your cost and saves a lot of time. The Systeme io Marketing Automation feature lets you put your business on autopilot.

These features may not be as advanced as others, but they are perfect for solopreneurs and new online businesses. With Marketing Automation you

  • Automate repetitive email sequences
  • Create workflows with semi-advance rules
  • Automatically trigger emails or course access

Creating workflows:

Workflows need some triggers to get started. It can be any action like a customer signing up using their email, for which you can send a Welcome email automatically with some discount offer.

Steps to create workflows

  • Click add a Trigger
  • Select what you want as a trigger
    • Tag added/removed
    • Subscribed to Webinar
    • Subscribed to an email list
    • Visited any particular Page
    • Enrolled in a course
  • Set the Action on the Selected Trigger

That’s all you need to do to get started, and for free.

Email Marketing

Almost everyone who surfs online has an email. With email being the most powerful marketing medium, systeme io let you send unlimited emails and guess what for free.

Many other marketing platforms let you send emails with their trial or free package, but none of them offers unlimited emails.

You can easily create and design any email you wish. The email marketing feature allows you to

  • Send unlimited marketing emails
  • Add fields with simple drag-and-drop capabilities
  • Manage your contacts and lists
  • Use email marketing automation
  • Setup your email marketing campaigns

The best part is you don’t need to manually integrate email marketing tools with your website or sales funnel.

Website Builder

Keeping everything simple, Systeme io has created the process of creating pages really simple with their website drag-and-drop builder.

To get started, all you need to is

  1. select a template
  2. Fill in the page by adding details
  3. Add more elements or blocks to customize it or make it fancy

The process is very much similar to designing a website using elementor or Divi Website Builder Plugin.

Sometimes when designing a page, you may feel the builder getting slower or needing to be more responsive. The best part is connecting your custom domain name even with Systeme free package.

Affiliate Program

You can set up or create your own affiliate program with Systeme io free package. If you don’t know, but affiliate programs are really helpful in growing your business in the beginning.

The systeme io affiliate program is very much similar to other affiliate programs, where everything from your affiliates to their payments is managed inside the dashboard.

Online Courses

Just like all other features, Systeme’s io online course builder is really simple. All you need to get started is

  • give your course a name,
  • add modules or levels
  • Create individual pages for each lesson
  • Add key takeaways or a video

You may feel the absence of high-end features like quizzes/assessments or certifications when building online courses. But the overall theme of Systeme io is to get things fast.


Blogging has multiple use cases. Many businesses use blogging to get traffic to their websites, whereas others use it for lead generations. But it can become a complete nightmare when not done right.

Systeme io let you start your blog with as simple as

  • Choosing a template for your blog and
  • Start creating post pages

Without the hassle of setting up WordPress and connecting it to hosting and so on. Inside Systeme, everything is streamlined.

Technical Details

Customer Support: Online


Deployment: SaaS/Web/Cloud

Location: Tyrrelstown, Dublin

Official website:

Checkout Systeme IO Today

Systeme IO Pricing

Systeme IO Free plan is enough for beginners or fresh startups as it offers almost everything you need to get started.

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Systeme io has 4 pricing packages starting from $0 to $97 per month (when billed monthly). On yearly advance payment, you can save 30% off.

  • Free Tier Starting From $0/month
  • Startup Tier Starting From $27/month
  • Webinar Tier Starting From $47/month
  • Unlimited Tier Starting From $97/month

What can you do with the System io free plan?

System io free package let you do the following

  • Create membership websites
  • Create a homepage and sales pages
  • Create products like online courses
  • Setup and run an email marketing campaign
  • Start a fresh blog
  • Build sales funnels to generate leads and increase conversions
  • Create an affiliate program
  • Accept payment on your online stores
  • Run A/B tests to optimize your campaigns and conversions
  • Generate coupons
  • Use order bumps and upsells to increase revenue

How We Value it?

System io is best for freelancers and small to mid-sized businesses. It only supports the Web.

They provide support via their email/help desk, knowledge base section and live chat (24/7).

For Beginners, they offer training via their documentation, videos and live line support.

No Free Trial for Premium Services

The good part is that their free plan is good for testing their service quality, and their pricing model is based on a subscription-based service that starts from $27 per user per month.

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