SEMrush Content Marketing Review [Is It SEO Gold Mine 2023?]

SEMrush Content Marketing Review [Is It SEO Gold Mine 2023?]

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May 15, 2023 at 4:23 PM

This Semrush content marketing toolkit review is a gold mine…for content creators and businesses alike.

Still, content is king, but content marketing has become quite difficult.

Creating pieces of content to retain an engaged audience is a real challenge. Words to resonate with customers’ brains are a major challenge for writers, marketers, and creators.

To do it, you must clearly understand customer relationships and marketing strategies to achieve sustainable growth in your business. Seems quite disturbing, but there are tools to hold you back.

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To tackle this problem, you have the Semrush Content Marketing Toolkit. It’s a single-step solution to all your problems in content writing and marketing.

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What is SEMrush Content Marketing Toolkit?

Semrush is an SEO optimization tool standing among the top SEO tools in the industry.

But it’s a lot more than just SEO.

The tool is segmented into different toolkits to use based on your need.

SEM Rush Content Marketing Toolkit is also a part of the SEMrush tool.

As a content writer, instead of putting time into analyzing and planning for content, you can simply use this tool to get it all done without any work done by you.

Top-notch SEMrush Content Marketing Toolkit Features

  • Find golden content ideas for your upcoming writing projects simply by using a research tool.
  • Develop a content strategy that is data-driven
  • Find and optimize the important data for your SEO-optimized blog posts
  • Optimize your creative content to appear in search engines
  • Finding potential backlink opportunities
  • Get maximum ROI with a content audit tool
  • Track and evaluate your content performance
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How to use SEMrush Content Marketing Toolkit?

Simply go to SEM Rush, find and select the content Marketing Toolkit present in the left tab at the top of the menu. Now you will be present at the dashboard of SEMrush content marketing toolkit.

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Optimizing Existing Content

Instead of running with might in the dark, we have to light a candle to follow the right directions. We have to study the strong and weak tweaks of the content we are planning to write. Writing starts with understanding the right position, so don’t neglect this part and move to another, as this part is the building block of the whole content you are going to create. Make sure the base is strong.

SEM Rush Content Analyser is segmented into 2 tools Post tracking and content audit.

Content audit reviews current content and tells its SEO score and essential writing metrics. On post-tracking, you start tracking a specific URL performance.

Finding Golden Content Ideas

Emotions and feelings are sold in the marketing world. In writing, we want to convey specific words to our audience, but without emotional triggers, we cannot make our audience take the desired action.

Unlike normal industry, SEO tools collect data from your website and everything connected to it, including audience info, keywords, and social media information.

Back to the content marketing main page on the search bar we sill write a generic keyword related to our business or website for which we are writing a piece of content.

The outcome contains various different keyword ideas, all based on the last 60 days’ topic trends. If anything looks good, just add it to your favorites column.

Organize neatly within the tool as now you don’t need sticky notes. You can filter and narrow down the results by using different metrics, including city, region, country, and language.

You can even change the presentation of the tool by choosing from explorer, mind map, cards, and overview. You can also get content ideas by putting competitor URLs in the search bar and extracting their Data.

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The search results show these metrics: Volume, Difficulty, and Top Efficiency.

Now we have analyzed our past content, researched new content ideas, and extracted competitor data.

Now we have to audit our own website for Gap analysis. We will run an audit search on our own website and to potential gaps and work on over-covering them.

Finding Right Targeting Keywords

Keywords are important but difficult to find. The market is full of keyword tools, but they are giving overwhelming information. SEM Rush offers 2 keyword tools for KW research: keyword magic tool and keyword overview.

Keyword Magic Tool

Easy to use and provide exact information for specific keywords SEO. There are 3 broad categories.

Phrase Match: Shoes form the same as of seed keyword

Broad Match: Seed keywords respect a broad range of ideas

Exact Match: use when you know the exact need, as here you receive the exact order and the same form

Related: Have a look at a keyword that is similar to yours

In the overview tab, you will get a variety of interesting content ideas to work on

You can play with a lot of filters, like creating a mind map.

Making your SEO Content Templates

Now with thorough research, data scraping, filtering, sorting, and studying results, you have got a rich list of target keywords as well as an editorial plan.

The traditional SEO Concept: put keywords in the title, headings, conclusion, etc.

The modern approach is to create unique engaging content to keep the audience reading your pieces of content till the end.

To adopt this modern approach, Semrush content marketing toolkit offers a valuable tool named as SEO Content Templates.

It solves the problematic approach of content creation and its structure with your rich targeted keyword:

Let’s see how to get it running

  1. In SEM Rush content marketing toolkit, Search SEO Content Template
  2. Enter the essential details, including country preference and target keyword, and select “Create SEO Template.”
  3. In Google SERP keyword and location, SEM Rush analyses the top 10 ranking pages.
  4. In SEM Rush, Google, based on an analysis of the top 10 competitors, gets content recommendations.

Optimizing Content with SEO writing Assistant

Now you can get recommendations for actionable content with SEM Rush SEO writing assistant for ranking high with some great user experience.

SEO writing assistants cannot be substitutes for SEO article writers but can assist in modifying the created content.

The function of an SEO writing assistant includes optimizing content, while SEO content templates offer recommendations for content optimization.

SEM Rush grabs the top 10 google results of target keywords along with SEO data-driven recommendations and location as we create an SEO content template.

SEO writing assistant analyses and optimize our content based on the following parameters

  • Readable
  • SEO
  • Original
  • Tone of voice

SEMrush Content Audit Tool to Improve Content

Content Audit audits and analyses the content of the website to find pages that require a response. To make it operational, we need to connect it to Google Search Console (GSC) and Google Analytics (GA).

As it’s all connected, we can run SEM Rush to audit content, and it does audit in the following 4 categories.

  • Remove or Rewrite: pages older than 24 months and in the last 30 days get less than 15 views.
  • Quick review: in the last 6 months, published and got more than 150 page views
  • Need to update: pages older than 24 months and in the last 30 days get more than 15 views
  • Poor Content: pages are thin content if less than 200 words are on them

Pricing: What shall I purchase?

Currently, SEM Rush offers the following 3 subscriptions

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Even in the pro plan, we cannot lock all features of Semrush Content Marketing Tool kit.

Key Takeaways

  • It is a Risk-free tool
  • There Is a 7 days free trial for Semrush Platform
  • Offers a variety of tools and features.
  • Whether you are a professional or a simple writer, SEM Rush Content Marketer has space for everyone.
  • It is the #1 recommendation for a content marketing tool
  • Provide impressive features, including Content audit, Topic research, SEO content template, SEO writing assessment, Brand monitoring, and post tracking.



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